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Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue is a registered charity and we rely solely on donations received from sponsored events or other fundraising activities which we hold throughout the year.

We re-homed 56 Boxer dogs last year and have others in kennels, with long and short-term foster carers and an ever growing list of dogs waiting to come into Rescue

On this page is a list of upcoming events which we will be attending. Please feel free to come along and join us. We would love to meet you and your four legged babes.

Future Events

Below is our event calendar for the year

All About Dogs
Sun 27th & Mon 28th August Norfolk Showground, New Costessey, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 0TT
Events organised by dog lovers for dog lovers..!
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All About Dogs
Sat 23rd & Sun 24th September Hylands Park, Greenbury Way/Writtle Bypass, Writtle, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 8WQ
Events organised by dog lovers for dog lovers..!
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Santa Paws
Sunday 3rd December Acacia Centre, Acacia Avenue (off Forest Road), Annesley Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, NG17 9BH
Bring your dog to see Santa and enjoy loads of stalls, food, raffles and fun. Free Entry..!
Mark at Newbury

A volunteer’s tale.....

as told by Mark Fenton

“Help needed” is the cry. ”Help needed” so the start of another rescue show year was fast approaching.

Scanned the diary, yep I was around...mmm needed Friday/Saturday and Sunday...well the weekend is fine...and I can probably get annual leave (or work the extra hours to make up the time)…..and Gabby is here and I really want to help…..all went through my mind.

Great, I’ll shout out to see if I can help, thinking maybe it would already be covered (pigs might fly), but then it hit me... so I made the offer

Show weekend

Friday 4pm The lovely Jules and Andy offered to drive me down with them and the very handsome Barclay. At least I knew 2 people and a dog! Who else was going?

Jules gave me a run down: 10 bodies for 2 days (one of those a show virgin) and all the dog shows to run and judge, the rescue stall to run and also the amazing new “Dog Obstacle Tombola”. Forgot to mention that setting up all the stalls and obstacle course and laying out all the stock is also the responsibility of the same people.

7:00 PM arrive Newbury...dump stuff and head to pub for dinner, beer and a chat with my travel companions.

Oh my god, it’s 1 AM.....SLEEP

Saturday 8 AM And we are off (Oh god what had I done) During the previous evenings conviviality I had been told that, not only was I helping with the dog show, but I was JUDGING too.

9:00 AM The public start arriving...loadsa pups and their humans and it seems like they’ve all made a beeline to the dog show registration where my team mates were showing me the ropes.

12:30 First of the dog shows...such fun, walking around, fussing pups, talking to their owners and children.

15:45 Last show of the day...the end is in sight, pups have won, lots of chatting, rosettes have been given and now it’s time to start winding down.

17:00 Back to the Travelodge, shower, power nap relax….. for some a few beers and a laugh over dinner.

Day 2 is a repeat except the stall has to be broken down, vans loaded and a drive home.

My thoughts... It would be so much easier if the day could be split up into teams/sessions, but that needs US, the supporters of the rescue and our fabulous Boxer pups, to step up to the plate and offer our time and bodies.

WOULD I DO IT ALL AGAIN.....hell yes! I was made to feel so welcome, I left Newbury feeling part of a fabulous team, had a fabulous time with all the pups and laughed a lot.

Mark’s full storey and more photos will soon be available in this year’s newsletter; fancy joining us..?

Charlotte Hanson's new practice

Our Vet

We would like to wish our Vet, Charlotte Hanson the very best of luck with her new practice. We always know our dogs get the very best of care and Bryan is one of her customers who really is in safe hands.

Thank you and good luck Charlotte from all of us at NAYBR…!

Charlotte Hanson’s practice, the Animal Doctor can be found at:

5 Nottingham Road, Nottingham, NG15 9HG

for more details about Charlotte, see her LinkedIn pagehere


A quick note from Tilly

Hi everyone my name is Tilly and I am drop dead gorgeous.

I do not know much about why I was given to NAYBR but I had to start a new life in the kennels. I had a lovely Auntie Chris who used to visit me there. She gave me treats and cuddles.

We did some training too but best of all she made sure I had a turtle bath to play in! I love water.

Days went by and I was getting used to my life in the kennels but I had a few little issues which might be annoying. However Auntie Chris and Auntie Tracy both believed there was the right home for me in that big wide world.

Then Auntie Chris told me that there might be the possibility of a new mummy & daddy if I behaved (as if, I’m a Boxer).

She told me they also had a handsome old fella Boston of ten years with them so if we liked each other there was the possibility of us living together.

As they were going on holiday the meet and greet had to wait a while but I was getting excited anyway.

So the day came and this strange family arrived, they said they come from down South “where is that I asked Auntie Chris? “ Then he appeared! Boston. A handsome chunky chap. So the introduction started. And yes it could be fate but we seemed to get on. My possible new daddy gave me lots of fuss and cuddles and we seemed to bond a little.

So after the Humans discussed things it became apparent I may be moving south. I told Auntie Chris and Auntie Tracy I am not moving unless they also have a Turtle bath.

So the day came and I went for a very long drive south to see my new home. I could not believe it! They took me for a walk where Boston showed me the giant turtle bath. The humans called it a lake? Confused! I was so happy when I could see all the parkland and water to play in.

So back to the humans Kennel. A bit strange at first but they had a nice bed for me down stairs, a huge bed in one of the rooms upstairs and a garden to play in.

Two and a half weeks on and yes I have a turtle bath in the garden to splash around in plus my own water tap.

My new mummy & daddy have given me a Fur-ever home with all the love, care and cheese a Boxer needs.

Thank you NAYBR for finding me a new Fur-ever home and lots of love & licks to Auntie Chris and Auntie Tracy for being patient with me.

PS. Daddy said I can come to the next show xx

PPS Daddy also said “Tilly, get off my laptop and go to sleep. We have to get up early”

Bryan's Heros

Bryan's Heros

NAYBR are really proud of the wonderful, brave and generous people that raise much need funds by being sponsored at various events.

My 2017 ‘Heros’ list currently includes:

Andy Gibson who will be running yet another 26.2 miles. this time it's the Manchester Marathon on 2nd April:

Andy's fund raising page

Heather Benson will be running the Lincoln 10k on 2nd April. Keep up with her training on her Just Giving page

Heather's fund raising page

Kerry Lambe and her pals are taking on the Tough Mudder Challenge at Midlands Belvoir Castle on 13th May. What's a Tough Mudder. Well it's 5 miles of mud and obstacles, specifically designed to test your teamwork & toughness

Kerry's fund raising page

Mark Fenton is taking on the Peak District 6 Dale challenge on 24th June. The challenge starts in the small farming village of Biggin in Derbyshire, and goes through the 6 fantastic dales, Biggin Dale, Wolfscote Dale, Beresford Dale, Lathkill Dale, Bradford Dale and Long Dale.

Marks' fund raising page

On 2nd July just 2 days before her 66th birthday, Chris Cobb will be abseiling 400ft down the Lift Tower in Northamptonshire, the world’s tallest permanent abseil tower

Chris' fund raising page

Please click on the links and see just how amazing these people are and if you can, please donate and help to change the lives of dogs forever.

You could always go and cheer them on as well; they’ll need it looking at what’s ahead of them..!

Thank you



These are some of our more recent activities...

Blue Sky at the Blue Cross Funday

The Yorkshire Vet

What a great day we had at the Blue Cross Funday in Thirsk on Sunday 14th August; it was the first time we attended this event and we're sure it won't be our last..!

Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and it was great to be amongst like-minded people who care passionately about dogs and rescue. The sun was shining and everyone has a fantastic day; they are hoping to have a special event next year to celebrate their 30th anniversary so fingers crossed.

We were especially pleased when the 'Yorkshire Vet' Peter Wright came to say hello, their practice is in Thirsk so he is very supportive and we really enjoyed chatting to him. It turns out he has a Boxer called Alf so we were in Boxer heaven.

A big thank you to the Blue Cross for being great hosts..!

Andy Gibson - Marathon man

Andy Gibson ran the London Marathon for NAYBR…

With a load of support and wonderful encouragement from the crowds of spectators and other runners I finally finished in 4 hours 49 minutes and 51 seconds.

This was my third marathon and despite this year’s trials and tribulations I am already looking forward to running another marathon next year, but I don’t yet know where.

People can still donate on my Just Giving Page: here

Editorial Note:

We must thank Andy’s employer, Johnson Matthey, for their very generous donation of an extra £1,000 to his total. Thanks guys..!

Recent photos from our Instagram account

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